Atkins Diet, Gout Foods, Gout Friendly Foods

Atkins Diet, Gout Foods, Gout Friendly Foods
: has been helping thousands of gout sufferers since 1998 who are serious about getting their health under control, attempts with the Atkins Diet have unfortunately led
them to relentless gout attacks. Not only is this diet full of purines that cause excess uric acid production, but the diet also causes stored body fat to be consumed thereby releasing more uric acid. This is a double dose of uric acid for the gout sufferer causing an overload on the system and perhaps creating some of the worst gout attacks and build up of in connective tissue an individual has ever experienced.
Once Gout sufferers cleanse their system, they can use a modified Atkins diet for weight loss while using our Gout Care® herbal blend.

All of the foods below can be responsible for excessive uric acid production. Even though some do not contain purines, they can still cause the system to naturally produce uric acid.

They are as follows:
alcohol, anchovies, asparagus, cauliflower, mushrooms, consommé, herring, meat gravies, broth, bouillon, mussels, sardines, red meats, organ meats, processed meats (hot dogs, lunch meats, etc.), fried foods, roasted nuts, any food cooked in oil (heated oil destroys vitamin E), rich foods (cakes, sugar products, white flour products), dark greens vegetables, dried fruits, fish, caffeine, beans, lentils, eggs, oatmeal, peas, poultry, yeast products, acetaminophen, and low doses of aspirin.

While under a Gout Attack all of the above foods should be completely avoided as well as the following.

Extremely Acid Forming Foods - with a pH of 5.0 to 5.5
Artificial sweeteners, Carbonated soft drinks & fizzy drinks , Cigarettes , Flour (white wheat), Goat, Lamb, Pastries & cakes from white flour, Pork, Sugar, Beer, Brown sugar, Deer, Chocolate, Coffee , Custard with white sugar, Jams, Jellies, Liquor , Pasta, Rabbit, Semolina, Table salt refined & iodized, Tea black, Turkey, Breads White / Wheat, White rice, vinegar.


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